Happy New Year Everyone!

It’s  a new year and the official first day of my UBER FRUGAL MONTH, that I hope turns into a Uber Frugal Year😁

During the month of January I will only spend money and stay under our $120/week budget. I only spent $70.03 this week. Woo Hoo! Chloe and I will still go to the library, but just 1 time instead of 4. I will travel 1 1/2 hours home to see my family at least once as well. 

We are eating way simpler and healthier meals, so that saves money. Brett and I are snacking way less and Chloe doesn’t have tons of choices. I have bananas, apples and Graham crackers. I am planning no eating out for January, but we will in February for our daughter Chloe’s 9th Birthday.

Here is our Supper Menu for the Week: Menus begins on Saturday 

Saturday: Homemade Veggie Soup 

Sunday: Chicken, Waffle Fries, pigs in a blanket, and pie. (This is our Christmas meal with Brett’s older daughters and our grandson). We only paid for the pie, chips and pigs in a blanket fixings.

Monday: Fish, brown rice, peas and salad

Tuesday: Taco Night

Wednesday: Oven Crispy Chicken, baked potatoes and green beans 

Thursday: Stir Fry

Friday: Taco Night #2 (Hubby Loves Tacos 😊)

Breakfast is: Oatmeal, Eggs & Turkey Bacon or Pancakes.

Lunches: We have sandwiches or Leftovers from the night before.

I will update you on our grocery totals, meals and savings each week.

Feel free to join me😊



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