2019 Homeschool Goals for Chloe

Hello everyone! 

I have been working on Chloe’s goals for homeschool for awhile. We homeschool year around, so these goals will change as each one is met. I do keep records for the state and our “School year” with them ends in May.

So here are the goals I have for now. They will include self help skills, since that is part of our homeschool learning.

       Self Help

#1: I want Chloe to dress herself with zero help. She can put on clothing, but 95% of the time everything is backwards. 

#2: Learn to zip her coat. She can put it on, a long with hat and gloves, but can’t zip her coat yet.

#3 Learn to brush her hair. We have been working on this,  but she hates her hair brushed.

#4: Continue to learn to brush her teeth. She uses a special toothbrush that covers the front and back at the same time. 

#5: Clean up her room!! This is a big issue, as I have posted before. We will meet this goal. I am determined.  Lol

          Educational Goals

I just have a few at a time. I stick with each one until she learns them

* Telling Time by 1/2 hour. She can tell time by the hour. 

*Positional Words- She still has a few she doesn’t understand. 

*Learn tougher sight words

* Read small chapter books

* Continue to work on writing ledgibly. Do copywork.

*I want to introduce more activities into her week that she can learn from.

We are continuing to learn the Bible every day.


I follow an idea from Heidi at the Minimalist Homeschool. Each day we will do a special activity.

Mondays: Craft Day

Tuesdays: Game Day

Wednesdays: Cooking Day

Thursdays: Science Activity

Fridays: Watch and Learn (Watch a video about the topic we are learning about)

That is my list of goals for Chloe so far in 2019. Do you set goals for your homeschool children?

Have a blessed day😊



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