My Personal Goals for 2019


It’s that time of year again. Time for those pesky resolutions.  I prefer to set goals instead. They can be tweaked as needed, without feeling like you failed.

Here are 10 goals I have set for myself.

#1: To do morning Bible study every day. Even if I have to get up earlier. My day always go smoother when I begin my day with God.

#2:  I want to have a morning devotion with my husband every day. We may have to do it after work, since he starts work usually before I get up.

#3: I want to eat healthier and exercise daily. I’m not setting a weight loss goal, because it’s a lot of pressure.

#4: I want to control my anxiety by placing my worries in God’s hands.

#5: Spend more quality time with family and friends.  You never know when you are out of time with someone.  Life changes in an instant. I want to be more involved with family and friends.

#6: Keep my home minimized, clean and organized.  I will keep a schedule and follow it👍

#7: Keep up with my Blog and YouTube Vlog, posting good content😊

#8: Go as long as possible buying nothing but groceries.  January is my Uber Frugal Month (See Frugalwoods website), but I want to do it as long as I can.

#9: Stay under my grocery budget limit.  Our budget is $120/week. Last week I spent $90. I’m going to try each week to stay below $120. 

#10: Be a more positive person. I let my worries take over and can become negative. I plan on working hard to give to God what I can’t change and be positive. 


So those are my 2019 personal goals. Do you have goals or resolutions? Feel free to share. Thank you to all of my new subscribers.  

Have a wonderful day😊


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