My Favorite Movies This Time Of Year

Do you have favorite movies you watch this time of year? These are mine.


My favorite movie to watch is The Nativity Story. I watch this throughout the year. It is from Mary’s point of view. It is a very moving depiction of this wonderful story from the Bible. I am hoping to get Chloe to watch it with me this weekend.

I so love the black and white version of It’s a Wonderful Life. James Stewart and Donna Reed are so great together. I love the lesson it teaches.

My favorite version of A Christmas Carol is the 1984 George C. Scott one. He plays a good Ebenezer Scrooge. I have watched it 3 times this month. Probably more. LOL

Now for the one I have watched for so many years. A Christmas Story. I love Ralphie!! Do any of you watch the 24 hr running of it on Christmas Day. Such a sweet and hilarious movie. 

Who doesn’t love watching a 36 yr old man who thinks he’s an ELF ?? Oh wait he is an ELF. I have watched this one every year since it came out. I laugh so hard. “SANTA !!!! I KNOW HIM”!!!! 

These are my top 5 picks for my  favorite Christmas movies. What are your favorites?

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

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