The Christmas Stocking


Oh the Christmas Stocking? They look so cute hanging on the mantle above the fireplace. When Brett and I got married we had 8 stocking lining the stair banister. 2 years later we added Chloe’s. Then as each of the older kids left we gave them their stockings and had one less. Now there are 3.

So the whole stocking tradition is traced back to Saint Nicholas. Most children used their everyday socks and on Saint Nicholas Day they would get chocolate coins in them.. There is a whole story about how Saint Nicholas threw gold coins down a chimney for 3 poor sisters and the coins landed in their stockings. So I guess the tradition was carried on with Santa Clause.

The funny thing my kids never got super excited about their stocking unless they were overflowing with candy. LOL. Chloe has never said anything about getting anything in her stocking. I always have stressed about what to put in hers. We don’t want her to have tons of candy. So this yr I put playdough and an electric toothbrush. She will probably look at it and toss it to the side. So I am debatingĀ  forgoingĀ  the stocking next yr. If she wants them up for decoration, since they have always been up that’s ok, but I don’t think I will put anything in them. I use to forget, until the last minute, to buy something for the kids stockings. Then that’s when I filled them with candy.Ā 

I am planningĀ  to have a very simple Christmas from here on out. This yr has been a bit simpler and I have had way less anxiety. Its been great!! If you still love doing stockings for everyone that’s awesome. I guess I will wait and see what next year brings.Ā 

Stocking or No Stocking???

Have a very blessed day

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