Do We Take Winter Break?

Good morning. I hope everyone is having a good week.

The public schools here are officially on winter break. They return on January 2nd. I grew up in public school and this was my favorite break. We usually had snow to play in and best of all Christmas was coming!!! Now that I homeschool and mostly follow a unschooling path long breaks are not necessary for us. I will finish out this week until Thursday and then we will take a break until next Wednesday.

Chloe will see her grandparents, 1 brother and 1 sister on Friday. Then on Saturday she will see her other 2 sisters and her 1 yr old nephew. Then we will give her presents on Tuesday. The rest of the week after that will be more calm, but we will be doing our usual schedule. Why don’t we have long breaks? Its not good for Chloe to be off schedule for to long. She gets mood swings and it is hard to get her back on track the longer we are off schedule.

The toughest part for Chloe when public schools are on break is every place she goes is busy. The library, the mall and even the Dollar Tree. Hopefully her presents will keep her mind off going out. Then on January 2nd we will head out again.

Do any of you, that homeschool, take long breaks or short breaks?

Have a very blessed day.


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