The Bare Essentials

I am ready to live with as little as possible. I have gotten rid of a lot of my possessions, but I am ready to let go of even more!

Stuff just irritates me. I hate stepping over stuff and bumping into stuff. I especially hate tripping and falling over stuff. Oh Chloe’s room is going to be the end of me. I have tried EVERYTHING to get her to put up her toys, books and even videos, but she has a panic attack and back on the floor it goes. So for now I am concentrating on my stuff.

This past weekend I took 3 bags to the trash and I filled another one Sunday night with excess Homeschool stuff. I am going on a complete spending freeze in January and I am going to be pretty strict on myself the rest of the year. It wont always be easy for me, but I am going to work really hard at it. 

My biggest challenge will continue to be Chloes room. If any of you have any advise please share. I have tried everything. She can barely play in her room at this point. I have tried taking things and storing them, but she asks for everything back pretty quick. Her Autism keeps her very anxious about her “stuff”. Anyway I pray that I will find a way soon. I just know she will be happier.

During the month of January I will do a weekly update on money saved and how I reduce the clutter even more. Hope you will join me.

Have a blessed day.

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