Fun With A Box


Happy Saturday😊

Yesterday we got a delivery from UPS. All Chloe could see was the big box it came in. She had quite a few tantrums during the day, but once the “BOX” arrived she was a whole new child.

Isn’t it funny how things that are not toys make them so happy. If I could get rid of 90% of Chloe’s toys she would be happy once the shock wore off. I have tried to reduce things and I’ve tried to get her to just put them on the shelf. She lasted 2 days with her books and DVDs put up and then stacked them on the floor again. The joy of seeing her happy with just a big box makes me wish she could just let some things go. Plus we are adding more with Christmas.  Phew it’s enough to make me cry and I have.

I know I’m her Mom and I’m in control, but when a child has Autism you cant take things and expect her/him to roll with it. I just want to get our home as minimized as we can.

So anyway I wish to tell parents your kids dont need a lot of toys. It doesn’t benefit them. It hurts their play. Give them a big box and they will be very happy.

Have s wonderful weekend.

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