I Finally Figured It Out


Good morning. I hope everyone is having a great morning so far.

I just finished the book God Schooling. It has changed everything for me when it comes to schooling my daughter Chloe. How? What did I learn? Well I will tell you.

I and Chloe get stressed during learning time. I always wondered what I was doing wrong. I would pick worksheets and projects I thought she was capable of doing, but she would get agitated and even cry. I felt horrible. I learned by reading this book that children in her age and developmental range are sometimes not able to fully understand abstract concepts and their minds may not be ready to even read yet. I’m not saying all children because there are children who are ready at early ages.

Chloe, who is Autistic, could read at age 5 and can add/sub in her head up to 10 at age 8. In my state we are required to do Math, Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Social Studies and History. Does Chloe understand Social Studies and History? No. She can grasp a bit about Thanksgiving and she does understand the Bible quite a bit. This book teaches experiences over worksheets. Chloe despises worksheets! The author goes through each age group and how it applied to her children, how they learn. Hands on activities are key in learning about the real world.  Chloe loves books, but is a bit picky.

She also writes a lot about service to others. She said her children learned a lot about their community when doing service projects. This may not be easy with Chloe, but I’m sure I can find ways to do this. Play is still super important for children and it is how they learn best. I have noticed Chloe talking more about the grocery and food there since she has been going with me more often. She figured out this week that we go to the water company and pay the water bill to have water for her bath, LOL She said “No pay bill, no baths”.

So I am going to take a new and hopefully a better path for our family. Learning should be fun and age appropriate. I see so many kids my daughter’s age in public school so stressed when getting spelling words above their age level. Chloe learns to spell when she reads. I am no longer putting pressure on my daughter to write all the time. She needs to work on her fine motor skills more. Math will be more hands on learning. I need to research that a bit more. Language Arts and Reading for Chloe will be to read books, magazines like Ladybug or Children’s National Geographic. Social Studies will be learning about her community, since she cant grasp the world outside that yet. History will be Bible History.  Writing will be to her pen pals and just for fun.

If you have a chance to check this book out or read on Hoopla I highly recommend it.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.


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