How We Celebrate Christmas


Good morning everyone. Today I want to share how we celebrate Christmas. I know some of what I say may seem strange, but it is what I choose to do.

I grew up celebrating Christmas in the traditional way. Santa, presents, lights movies, food, reindeer, the tree and all of the other stuff. My Mom made sure our Christmas morning was magical.Ā  When I became a Mom myself I tried to recreate that magic. All I created is stress for myself! I wasĀ a single mom for 10 1/2 years and I felt I had to really step it up. My kids were happy, so it didn’t matter if I was.

Fast forward to 2007 I remarried and we combined 4 teens and 1 adult kiddo. Then 1 1/2 years later Chloe was here. So big family meansĀ  BIG CHRISTMAS!! What we got was a lot of debt. We had fun moments, but after it was over everyone was down. Now fast forward another 9 years and its just Brett, Chloe and myself at home. I decided things must change. Chloe, being Autistic, can’t handle all of the “traditional” things of Christmas. She doesn’t ask for much, but I usually tried to give her all of the experiences. She was not a fan of Santa when she was little. Fear is an understatement. Now she sees him like she sees Mickey Mouse. He is fun to see, but she has no idea what his role in Christmas is. If you ask her what is Christmas about she will say “It’s Jesus Birthday”. So this is the first year we have not seen Santa. She hasn’t asked once to go see him. If we happen to be at the mall and she wants to go up and see him that’s ok.

So how have I changed Christmas in our home.

*I have minimal dĆ©cor. I use to feel I had to decorate every inch of my home. Now I have a small tree, stockings, a few special candles and the Nativity. Outside I have a wooden sign that says “Unto us a child is born”. No more outside lights.

*I want our focus to be on Jesus. We do watch movies with Santa, like The Polar Express, but like I said she sees him like she does Mickey Mouse. We watch and read a lot about the birth of Jesus.

* Less presents. Chloe asked for 4 presents from us and a few from her grandparents. I had her siblings get her 1 simple gift, like a book or a game.

* No making tons of sweets. I used to spend days in the kitchen making fudge, cookies and other treats for gifts. I am only making a few things this year.

*I AM NOT GOING TO STRESS!!! I have been so less stressed this year. If I get around grumpy people at the store I start humming Christmas songs. LOL. I really do.

* I do buy gifts for our 1 yr old grandson. I also buy a gift for my parents. They tell me not to, but If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am today. It is more to honor and thank them.

* Brett and I don’t exchange gifts. The adult kids and we don’t exchange gifts. I think the gifts are for the little kids.


I just felt the need to take control of what is suppose to be a joyous time of year, not a time of stress, debt and depression. I do not judge anyone who enjoys all of the bells and whistles. If you do everything with joy in your heart then that’s wonderful. We had to make changes because of our daughter and because I was tired of feeling like I was letting her down by not giving her a bunch of traditions that she didn’t even want to do. I hope I wasn’t a downer. This has been on my heart for a few weeks and I needed to share. I hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season so far.

Have a blessed day.

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