Errands With Mom and Snow Dough


Friday was a busy day for Chloe and I. I had a lot of errands to run yesterday morning. I’m always concerned how Chloe will do when I take her out. I gave her the usual rundown of the rules and off we went.

The first stop was Walmart. Oh how I wish they had one of the Caroline carts there. She gets so anxious I have to put her in the cart. Remember she is almost 5 ft tall and 98 lbs at 8 yrs old. Putting her in a cart is NOT an easy task for me. She rides until we get to the toy dept. Then she wants out, again NOT easy for me. She looks around at the same 6 toys she always does and then announces she is ready to leave. I was very proud of her behavior. She use to cry in Walmart a lot, but now she just needs that cart ride. We can’t do it much longer though.

The next 2 stops were Aldi and the Dollar General. Aldi is always so hard for her too, but she was wonderful. She helped me get vegetables and count the can goods. We worked on Math and Reading. It was actually fun! The Dollar General was a quick stop and she got her reward for her good behavior. Suckers are this kids life. LOL

During the afternoon we made Snow Dough and filmed it for Vlogmas for our YouTube channel. She was quite a clown on video. She was nervous about playing with it…..maybe later.




** Mix the 2 together, adding more of each if needed, until you get the consistency you want. IT’S THAT EASY AND SO FUN TO PLAY WITH!!

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day.




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