It’s For The Birds!

Happy Friday !!

Yesterday we had quite the busy day. We had a great Advent activity, which was to make a treat for the birds. So Chloe and I made pine cone bird feeders. We spread peanut butter on pine cones I found in our yard, rolled them in oats (I checked online to make sure oats were safe for them), and hung them with green yarn. Chloe loved going out to her favorite tree and hanging them up. She kept saying “Tweet Tweet” so they would come to the tree. LOL

We spent about 45 minutes outside since it was above 40 degrees. She was very happy. Oh my outside girl. We sat on the swing and sang Christmas songs.

The afternoon was filled with homeschool activities. She is having a good week staying focused and completing her work. Teacherspayteachers has a lot of great holiday/winter activities to print. To top off our day Chloe put her gloves on all by herself. This is a huge deal in our autism world.  She was so proud of herself. We wrapped up our afternoon watching “When You Give A Mouse A Christmas Cookie” and “The Snowy Day”. Her 2 favorites right now.

Check out our YouTube channel with the same name: Autism With Grace

Have a wonderful and very blessed day.20181206_134624[1]

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