Library, Snow and Cards

Brrr it is so cold! We got a bit of snow Tuesday night. Chloe was a bit excited.

Today was library day and ever since her meltdown about a month ago there we talk a lot about expected behavior. I was very proud of her because her behavior was amazing!! There were about 7 kids that showed up after we were there about 15 minutes, but she handled it very well. She even picked a few books to take home.

After lunch we played outside for a bit. I lasted about 20 minutes and lucky for me she was ready to come in too. I noticed outside she was acting out the book The Snowy Day. I love this. Seeing her imagination bloom.

We finished up the day by making Christmas cards for her friends . We will drop them by the post office this weekend. She really enjoyed decorating them. She made little foam gingerbread people to put inside the cards as well. Then we completed a few more activities for homeschool.

I would call today a wonderful one, especially after Tuesdays meltdowns. I hope your week is going well. Have a blessed day.

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