Christmas Crafts and a 2 Hour Fit


Yesterday we rode Chloe’s emotional roller coaster from the moment she woke up until she fell asleep at 8 pm.

She woke up determined that it was Wednesday. I showed her the calendar in the kitchen and said ” See it’s Tuesday”. The screaming began and didn’t stop for 2 hours!! I had to give her the “emergency” medication that slows her down. It put her to sleep for a bit. From lunch to around 4 pm she was whiny and then quiet, but got whiny again. Then all of a sudden at 4 a rainbow rose above the our home and Chloe was happy as can be. She was cuddly and singing. I had laid out a craft for her to do earlier in the day. Chloe all of a sudden sat down at the table and had the best time making the little gingerbread people.  She even sat in my lap before bed and read to me. 

These are the days that wear me out. My ears hurt from the screaming and I just want her to calm down so her Dad can work in the other room. So as I am writing this I am in my bedroom watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. I need a good laugh and my comfy bed. Tomorrow will be a whole new day and hopefully a happier girl.

Thank you for stopping by today. I appreciate all of my subscribers and if you would like to see us on our YouTube channel it is under the same name (Autism With Grace). We are currently doing Vlogmas, so we do a video every day for 25 days!!

Have a wonderful and blessed day.


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