Chloe’s Sensory Stocking Stuffers


Good morning. Do you struggle with what to put in your autistic child’s stocking? Here are a few ideas for you to go a non candy way.

1) Play-Doh: I put my daughter’s favorite colors of Play-Doh in there which is Purple and Pink. You can add a new cookie cutter or two.

2) Anything she can squeeze. I love her squeezy fidgets. The Dollar Tree has great ones.

3) Small motions tubes. This is an awesome tool for calming. They are quite cheap on Amazon.

4) Slime or Flubber. They sell these at Walmart. You can make them, but Chloe loves the Neon colors Walmart carries.

5) Bumpy blocks or balls. I have a tough time finding small ones, but I believe Amazon has them.

6) Small container of bubbles.

7) Mini Magnadoodle

8) Fidget Spinner. I know these have gotten some flack, but Chloe uses her when she is stressed and it calms her down. Love them.


There are 8 things I am getting for my daughter’s stocking. What are your kids getting in their stocking this year?

Thank you to all of my subscribers. I so appreciate you. Have a wonderful, blessed day.


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