Let The Christmas Activities Begin!!


Happy Monday!! Our Christmas Activities have begun. We are doing the 25 Days of Vlogmas on our YouTube channel, so we will have many activities going on this month.

I love making cinnamon ornaments. They smell so good! Chloe and I made a pan of them yesterday. They take 24 hours to dry and she didn’t understand that. Plus she kept thinking they were cookies. LOL. She would only make 12 because she loves the 12 Days of Christmas song. She will be excited to hang them up once they are dry.

We also started our Christmas Advent book December 1st. We made a few crafts to go with Day 1 and Day 2. We are keeping our focus on Christ this season and have many homeschool activities to teach Chloe the story this month. Chloe thinks of Santa as more of a cartoon character. We haven’t taught her about Santa because we want her to understand the Nativity Story. I grew up believing in Santa and I don’t judge anyone who does. Chloe just doesn’t understand the concept, but does understand that we celebrate Jesus Birthday on Christmas Day.

If you want to keep up with us on our YouTube channel go on over to Autism With Grace. I will continue to post about our Christmas activities on here as well. Thanks for reading our post today. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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