Uber Frugal Tips 2019 Part 3

saving_up_pink_versionIts the final set of money saving tips I have to begin our 2019 Uber Frugal Year. I’m sure I will forget a few, but I can always update later.

Beauty Products

*Homemade products I make: Deodorant, Cleansing Shampoo, Homemade Conditioner and even face powder.

* I use less shampoo (Regular) and I even water mine down a bit. Our hair does not require so much shampoo.

* Using up all of my makeup before buying more. Sometimes I see eye shadow or blush I like and buy it. I am considering decreasing the amount I wear.

*Use Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil as a conditioning treatment.


Car Savings

* Keep your tires inflated. Helps with gas mileage.

* Keep your car clean. Its just a great thing to do. LOL

*Keep oil changed and fluids full: Check for online coupons for the place you like to go. If you give them your email they will email you coupons to use.



*No buying clothes until it is warm again. We have a minimal wardrobe and plenty until Spring.

*Keep a simple wardrobe to save money.

* Exception: Buy undergarments if needed of course!

* I buy 2nd hand snow boots if I can find them. They are for outside use only.



* We are unschooling now so now more text books are needed.

*I will not buy anything unless it is a necessity. This would be pencils, paper, markers, crayons, etc…

* Books, magazines, videos are only from the library for FREE!! I also use my Kindle to download free books and Hoopla from my local library for free books, audiobooks, movies and TV shows.



*Get a Brita filter instead of using water bottles.

*Keep Snacks with you when you are out. This will keep your kids from wanting to eat out and maybe you too.

*Find free community events to go to with your family.

*Make gifts instead of buying them. I love making treats for people.

* Save that change!!

*Have game nights or movie nights at home. Its a lot of fun.

* Buy Zoo and Museum passes if you know you will go a lot. We have a zoo pass and love it!!



Thank you for stopping by. Share your money saving tips. I would love to read them. Lets prepare for an Uber Frugal 2019!

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