Teaching Chloe Life Skills


Happy Tuesday!! Yesterday Chloe started working on learning new Life Skills. The weather has gotten bitterly cold, so it’s a great time to work on this.

The first thing I taught her is how to put up the clean dishes. She has helped put away silverware, but not other dishes. I stood back and gave her oral directions. She did a wonderful job. She pretty much knows where everything is. She was very proud of herself.

Next when she asked for a snack I told her she could get it herself. She hesitated, but went for it and got a yogurt and a spoon. She threw it away when finished. I think she will be fine in this area. She loves to eat. LOL

Lastly I combined the last 2. She folded washcloths and matched up socks. She is pretty good at folding, but gets in a hurry. The sock matching was a breeze for her as well. The next step is for her to put laundry away.

I have been asked why I teach her these things since she will always be with us. She may have a few limitations, but I know she understands a lot too. We are a family and I want her to know how to help and learn the skills to care for some of her needs. Whoever she is with after we are gone will appreciate if she can care for herself a bit and not totally dependent on them for everything.

Do you teach your child with autism life skills? What do you teach them?

Thanks for stopping by. Check out our YouTube channel with the same name. (Autism With Grace) to see Chloe in action. Have a blessed day.

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