Errands and A Naughty Girl

Christmas_tree-9Good morning I hope you are having a blessed day so far. Yesterday we began receiving and picking up our Black Friday orders. We don’t go out to stores. We do it all from our cozy recliners. We were able to complete some Christmas shopping and purchase a few items we both wanted that were on sale. It wasn’t very busy out on Sunday. I guess everyone was exhausted from shopping.

Now on to the naughty girl. I have been having issues with Chloe throwing sticks over our neighbors fence. On Saturday she hurled a big stick over the fence. I made her go in for punishment and wanted her to go apologize to our neighbor. She was out of control screaming, so I walked over and apologized. Our neighbor was very kind and said not to worry about it. Fast forward to Sunday after errands and lunch. I decided to take her outside since it will be the last day in the 50’s for a long time. Tomorrows high is 38 degrees. BRRRR!!!  Anyway, I explained the rule of NO THROWING STICKS OVER THE FENCE. Guess what? Yep she did it again. COME ON!!! So back in the house. I know she understands because she looks at me for a reaction. I think discipline is the toughest part of her autism I deal with. Knowing the right approach is tough. Spanking is not an option because she doesn’t associate it with doing something wrong. Typically we take something away, like the rest of her outside time. So at least we are inside for a few days, so I don’t have to worry about it. I am going to make a social story about it and see if that helps.

How was your weekend? Did you shop till you dropped?

Have a wonderful rest of the day.


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