Uber Frugal 2019 Part 2

Good afternoon😊 Here are my tips for saving on Utilities and Household Cleaners.


1) This winter see how low you can go on your thermostat. We go down to 68 degrees once it’s in the 30’s and below. We later clothes, use blankets and wear socks.

2) Whatever side of the house the sun is shining on open those curtains and blinds during cold months. It will warm up that part of your home.

3) Keep that filter clean. We clean or replace ours once a month. Helps system run better.

4) Only wash full loads of clothes and wash them in cold water.

5) Hang dry clothes on dryer racks or indoor lines. I do this to save clothes from shrinkage and save on dryer usage.

6) Take shorter showers and not so hot showers.

7) Cancel Cable. We have Amazon Prime and stream to our Tv.

8) Unplug items not in use.

9) Use your cell phone until it dies. We used our last one 4 years. We just bought new ones. Also use free Wifi where available.

10) Turn off lights when not needed.


Household Cleaners

1) Make homemade cleaners out of Vinegar, water, baking soda and essential oils. Check recipes online.

2) Use a dryer ball. No toxins and last a long time.

3) Make homemade detergent.  There are many recipes online. Costs pennies a load.

4) Dry Swiffer. I don’t buy refills. I use microfiber cloths from the Dollar Tree and toss them in the washer.

5) Wet Swiffer Mop: I buy a shami at the Dollar Tree and cut it into 3 pieces. Use both sides. Toss it in the washer when needed.

6) Swiffer Bottle refill. I turn the empty bottle cap down in a glass of hot water. It loosens and I fill it with vinegar and water.  Once cool you pop the top back on and it stays on😊

7) I use Swipe Microfiber cloths.  They clean so well just with water!


So that is Part 2 of my tips for Uber Frugal 2019. This Wednesday I will Post part 3. Have a blessed day😀

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