What A Wonderful Thanksgiving


Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Are you doing any Black Friday Shopping? We shop from the comfort of our recliners.  No fighting crowds for us.

Our Thanksgiving went so well. We were so proud of Chloe. She interacted with family and even ate at the table with 6 people. She usually hides in her room a lot. She kept telling everyone Happy Thanksgiving!! We watched the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade as we prepared the meal. Chloe LOVED it for the first time. She cried when commercials came on.

My oldest daughter Mattie came the night before so she could help me. It was so fun hanging out with her. I have been hosting Thanksgiving for 18 years and this is the first one that I wasnt stressed out😊 Mattie made the deviled eggs, which I don’t like making👍 I was so thankful.

I realized I forgot to post Part 2 of my Uber Frugal 2019 tips Wednesday.  Been a busy week. I will post this tomorrow.

Have a wonderful and blessed day❤

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