What Does Chloe Want For Christmas?

Good Morning. Do you have trouble coming up with Christmas gifts for your child with Autism? Maybe your child has a specific thing they are really into or they show you things at the store or on TV. Well since we don’t watch regular TV Chloe sees no commercials and we don’t take her to the store very often. So how do we know what to get her?

Chloe will usually come up with a certain number of presents she wants. This year it is 4. Last year it was 7. The past few years were hard. She didn’t say much and what she did say she ended up tossing to the side, except a set of Veggie Tales stuffed animals her sisters got her.  It took some time for her to love the rest of her toys. This year Chloe has mentioned 4 things, 2 of which we will not buy her because she keeps breaking the head off of one of the things she asks for. We replaced it twice already and the other she already owns. So I have been calmly working this out with her.

One thing I have decided to get her is a new sensory box full of new sensory items. Chloe has had the one she has now for several years. Pictured above are a few of the items that need replacing. I also want to make her several items for her box. This will be a bonus gift. I want to make her a few sensory (Calming) bottles. She has struggled so much with behavior lately. I hear wonderful things about these calming bottles. The other 4 toys she wants is a Mickey Mouse Book, A princess Klip Klop Castle (On Ebay Only), a Mr, Potato Head and a Mrs. Potato Head. She never asks for expensive things. Lucky us huh? She has 5 adult sibings, which I have told to buy games and a fidget or two. My parents are getting her 2 gifts I know she will love because I have her on video awhile back playing with them at Walmart. So hopefully this year she will love everything she receives.

It is not always easy to get out of her what she wants. Then just 6 weeks after Christmas is her birthday and it starts all over again. LOL. Do you find is easy or tough to buy gifts for your child with Autism at Christmas?

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

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