Unschooling Pics of the Week

It’s Friday!! We have had a very busy week. As part of Chloe’s at home program I write up for her I am now spending all day with her. I use to give her longer breaks, but now I only give her 15 minute breaks during our day. She has more time alone after supper and bath (before bed). It has helped ease up her tantrums.  I think she has only had 2 very short ones compared to many a day before. It is hard to come up with enough activities to fill the day. Her favorite thing to do with me now is playing games.

I am continuing to research unschooling and how to apply it with Chloe. She has 100% stopped doing workbooks. She cries and starts rocking. So the research continues.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. God Bless😊❤

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