Let’s Start 2019 Saving Money


Let’s get ready to SAVE!!!

I have finished my 2019 saving money rules for our family. Each week until the end of December I will share my rules. If you want to join me that would be awesome!

January is my UBER FRUGAL MONTH. No spending except bills, groceries ($120 a week), gas for hubby to go to work and a possible trip to my parents for a visit. Oh and also prescription medication. No going to stores and I plan to stay off Amazon, Ebay, Etc…. If there is an emergency item that is needed we will of course purchase it. Hopefully that doesn’t happen. I plan on working hard on surveys to stock up on gift card cash ins. I will not spend them during January.

This weeks category to save money is: GROCERIES

Here is my plan:

  1. Menu Plan, Menu Plan, Menu Plan !! Big Money Saver
  2. Don’t waiver from the List. Check flyers and if you want to stock up on an item make sure it will fit into your budget.
  3. Never Shop Hungry
  4. Plan Simple, Healthy Meals. I hope to share some of ours in January.
  5. Shop Alone, if possible.
  6. Shop at Aldi. I save so much at this store.
  7. Stay within your budget. If you spend less and you want to use the difference to stock up on a particular item that’s ok.
  8. If I see an item at another grocery cheaper than at Aldi I will go get it and make it a stock up item.
  9. Eat in season fruits and veggies. They are cheaper and fresher.
  10. Eat less meat. Meatless meals or smaller portions.
  11. Make Homemade Bread. Cheaper and you know what the ingredients are.
  12. Freeze Leftovers if your not going to eat them the next day.
  13. Use block cheese and shred yourself. Also make your own cheese sticks and cubes with it.
  14. Drink Coffee, Tea and water. Aldi has a great deal on Milk, but we don’t drink it.
  15. Cook as much as possible from scratch. I will share recipes later on.

Here are my rules for this category. If you have any I haven’t listed please share. Next Wednesday I will share about how we will save on Utilities and Household Cleaners.

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a wonderful day and God Bless.

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