One Thing at a Time

20181111_140302[1]   Good morning everyone. I hope your Monday is going well so far. This post is about how we are approaching each of Chloe’s negative quirks one day at a time and one quirk at a time.

It started Friday with cutting more than 6 inches off her hair. She has been refusing to let me brush out the tangles. I had to coat her hair with coconut oil to get a brush through it before I cut it. She actually likes it, so Phew that went well.

Now on to the toys in her room. Chloe likes everything in her room to be where she can see them, which is on the floor! You can’t walk through her room without almost tripping. I have slid a bunch of times twisting my knee in the process. I want to sit on the floor and do floor time with her, but there is no where to sit. So I went in there Sunday afternoon and started going through everything. I have been watching her the past few weeks to see what she plays with and loves. So many things she just stacks up or displays. Her play has gotten so stressful for her she cries every time she is in there. That’s not healthy. So I started with the toys she never plays with. I involved her in the book reduction by asking keep or give away. She was calm so far. Then she exploded!!! Not because toys were gone, but because they were not all over the floor. I tried and tried to break it down for her how to keep things on the shelf unless she was playing with them, but she just screamed. I know she understands the concept because they did this when she went to public school and at church. The biggest mess is her videos. She no longer watches them, but wants them in stacks all over her room. Some things I can let go, but the videos are awful. So I quit for the day and will tackle it again tomorrow. She has screamed so much lately I just wanted her to stop.

We will get through this battle with her. She has to learn she is not in control and has to listen. At least I got 70 % of her toys out of her room. Baby steps.

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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