My Uber Frugal 2019 Challenge

Ringing Alarm ClockWe are less than 2 months away from a new year. Crazy, isn’t it? So I am preparing for a Uber Frugal Challenge. I love challenging myself, especially in this area. I will go over a few highlights and before the end of the year I will post my official rules.

January will be the most Uber Frugal month. I do not want to shop at all, except for the grocery store. There are no birthdays this month and it is after Christmas. I never do after Christmas clearance shopping. We can of course get our medications the 3 of us take and any other meds needed. No going to any stores and I plan to stay off Amazon and Ebay. No looking for me. LOL

Now on to February. I want to go from February to May staying as frugal as possible. Chloe’s birthday is in February, so some money will be spent on that. We never spend a lot. She never wants a party, just family. We do let her pick a cake at Walmart or Kroger. Usually she wants pizza.

No one should need clothing until the weather warms up again. In the case of someone needing shoes or undergarments that’s ok. We all have minimalist wardrobes and pj’s. We are set!

Groceries are an area of concern for many families as food prices rise continually. Our weekly budget is $120 a week for 3 of us. Since hubby and I are eating better we buy less snacks. I am going to make more of Chloe’s snacks from scratch, if I can find cheap, healthy recipes. We are eating simple meals and smaller portions. I plan on making more homemade bread and other items we eat on a regular basis. I shop at Aldi, so I don’t use coupons. We do use the $5 off $25 at the Dollar General once a month to stock up on toilet paper and paper towels.

That is just the beginning of my planning so far. I plan on writing up a rule book for myself and any one else wanting to join me. I will post it before mid December, so everyone can prepare. I am UBER EXCITED!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Check us out on YouTube. Autism With Grace is the channel name. Have a blessed day.

3 thoughts on “My Uber Frugal 2019 Challenge”

  1. I’m doing something similar. I wrote up a budget of what we were spending – and I saw a lot of areas where I saw we were over spending. So, I created this budget and have been following it – really helps keep spending in check! Our biggest sucker was food shopping – so meal planning and limiting the kids snacking has really been key for us. Good luck! Excited to see your plan and see if I can follow suit!

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