One Happy Girl



Happy Monday!

As you can see Miss Chloe is a very happy girl. Why? She loves riding in Daddy’s truck with the window down. We had a couple of not so cold days and she asked for the windows to be down. When her Daddy said yes she was a very excited girl. Her behavior overall this weekend has been great! We are expecting rain a lot this week, so I don’t know how she will behave then. It usually makes her a grumpy girl. Going outside is the best therapy for Chloe. It really calms her down.

This week I am trying yet another approach to homeschool/ unschool with her. I found a simple and more hands on curriculum called God’s Little Explorers. It is made for preschool, but I can tweak it where needed. It has a lot of active activities to go with each day of lessons. It has a self help section and a service project section, which I love. This has been my toughest yr with Chloe yet. She is almost impossible to keep on task. I am praying I find something she enjoys.

We are hoping to visit family soon. She has been talking a lot about my parents (Her Nana and Papaw) and her older sister Mattie. Mattie has a birthday coming up so we will be going to see her and spend the day with her in the next week or so.

I hope all of you have a wonderful and blessed Monday.

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