A Special Gift

Happy Thursday!! Yesterday was a beautiful day here. Chloe and I spent most of the day outside. She would be outside sun up to sun down if I let her. We both have allergy issues so she is coughing a bit and my sinuses are stuffy, but I want her to enjoy it while she can.

She has been really exploring the trees at the end of the yard lately. She found a branch that she can shake and make leaves fall off the tree. She sings our Leaves are Falling Down song. Very cute. I asked her if she wanted to make a picture for her Uncle (my baby brother that was in the motorcycle accident) and she said “Yes”! We collected different types of leaves to make leaf prints.

Chloe is not a fan of arts and crafts like she use to be. When she was a toddler to about 5 she loved them, but now she gets upset sometimes if I ask her to make something. Every now and then she will make something for a friend or relative. She started off making cute little leaf prints. I helped her put the paint on the leaves before she pressed them on her paper. After a few minutes she just took the brush and painted the whole paper and that’s ok. She was very proud of her masterpiece. The holidays are approaching fast and hopefully she will get a bit more crafty. I miss doing crafts with her.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Thanks to all of my followers and welcome to my new ones. If you want to get to know us a bit more head over to my YouTube channel also called Autism With Grace. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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