A Great Day

Good morning everyone! I hope your Tuesday is going well so far.

We finally had a calm day at our house. Chloe and I slept in until 9. This hardly ever happens, but we both needed it. After breakfast we played outside for a bit and then came in to do calendar time. We also worked on several math and phonics activities before lunch.  We went back outside after lunch and explored our yard. She is very fascinated with the tree at the bottom of the yard. The leaves are tiny and turning brown. She helped me collect pinecones and then drew with chalk on the driveway. She has been loving a Dance and Play cd I used years ago when I taught preschool. It really helps with listening skills and she follows the directions of the songs.

She was very giggly after dinner. She played with her slime before her bath. I am in the process of using things I have learned in the book The Autism Revolution to make some changes. Last week and this week I am doing the Epsom Salt baths with her 3 days a week. Next I will be adding a probiotic to her vitamin cup. I will update you as I make these changes and if they help her.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful and blessed day,

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