Declutter Results Week 3

Happy Monday!

Well I forgot to post yesterday with my declutter results. I barely got my video up on YouTube. It was a bit of a fail. Chloe had such a hard week and the biggest areas of decluttering was Chloe’s room. I decided not to upset her by moving around her things. Brett and I always say when Chloe is upset “Don’t poke the bear”. 

I did manage to declutter her homeschool shelf in the living room. I also got the stove and oven cleaned. That is about it. I will play catch up when I can. As you can see above my week with Chloe caused a knee injury to resurface.

This week is the final full week and an easy one. I will declutter:

My phone, under Chloe’s bed, my laptop, my purse, clean the dishwasher, the outside storage shed and holiday crates. I will also try to get some of Chloe’s room done.  Next weekend I will make a final walk through to see if I missed anything. Lastly I will make runs to donation and Once Upon A Child. It will feel great to be finished.

How is your decluttering going?

Thanks for checking in. Have a wonderful,  blessed day.




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