Happy Friday Friends!

Yesterday was heartbreaking. Chloe hasn’t been sleeping well the past 2 weeks. Today everything came to a head. 

After breakfast I took Chloe to the library. It was early and I had checked the schedule for storytime since I didn’t want to take her during the busy time of day. Well its busy all day since the new areas were added. We got there and the place was packed!! Chloe started jumping around, which is unusual. She is usually quiet and still around so many people or kids. Not today!!

Long story short, when the kids came out after their storytime they started playing with the kitchen set. Chloe all of a sudden tried to take toys away from a toddler. When I stepped in Chloe had a meltdown. She scared the parents and especially the kids. I tried for 20 minutes to physically remove her, but she is almost  as tall as I am at 8 1/2 yrs old. I finally got her down the stairs and to the car. I will never forget the looks a few of the moms gave me. She wasnt hurting their children, she was hurting herself. 

I called Brett as soon as I calmed down. My heart was breaking for her. One more place she can’t go. She was so angry it scared me. Over a cup in a kitchen center. It’s all part of my Autism Mom Life.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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