Getting Through The Day

Monday was well a massive roller coaster ride! She woke up happy and then the bottom fell out when she didn’t get her way. She wanted a extra sucker and she got a no and I got a tantrum.

We are having major issues with candy. I usually keep suckers because they are good for oral sensory issues, but Chloe can’t stop at one. We try to stand our ground with her and in turn get a major fit. She gets sent to her room to calm down and once out usually asks for the sucker again,

Candy has to go. I hate to say it, but it does. Halloween is only a few weeks away and we are debating not taking her out. It becomes a long drawn out battle of the candy. She doesn’t understand how bad it is for her. We are at a point that treats for good behavior can not be food or candy. She is in a phase right now of wanting to eat constantly. I may have to put a lock on the fridge again. It is really hard to watch her beg continuously for food.

I am reading a book right now called The Autism Revolution. I am at a point of trying a few of the things mentioned in the book. I just believe something is going to help her. I have always believed some of her issues are food related. She had issues from birth with formula and had to have a special one. Once I complete the book and figure out the path we will take I will post about the changes we will make.

Thank you so much for checking in today. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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