A Great Fall Day


Good morning! I hope your day is going great so far.

Chloe and I had a wonderful day hanging outside on Saturday. The morning was so cold, but it did get up to 52 degrees by the afternoon. While I grilled Chloe ran around the yard singing. She has been quite the singer lately. We worked on speech outside on a blanket. She was not very attentive, but did well overall.

Since it has cooled down I have been getting Chloe outside as much as possible. It makes her happier and she sleeps so much better. She is struggling off and on with her Daddy not feeling well. I am trying to keep her busy. Homeschool has been a struggle. I have backed her up to Pre-K using Hubbards Cupboard. She is enjoying it so far. We are working on her self help skills and learning other life skills this week.

Here is a list of skills she is working on:

Dressing self with no help

Brushing her hair

Putting on socks an shoes with no help

Life Skills

Helping to unload the dishwasher

Wiping the table off after meals

Setting the table for meals

She is progressing well with her self helps skills. She doesn’t like to brush her hair. I gave her a haircut Saturday night. She kept moving, so more hair got cut off than planned, but she is ok with it.

Check out our YouTube channel to see us work on speech therapy and other learning activities. I hope all of you have a wonderful day. God Bless

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