Declutter Week 2 :Days 8 -14


Good morning everyone! Sorry I have not been posting daily. Life has been a little chaotic in our house this week. Any type of change seems to rock Chloe’s world, which in turn rocks mine as well.

My hubby is home with terrible back pain that we hope to get fixed very soon. Chloe is not use to her Daddy being home this long, so she has had a few rough days behavior wise. I completed my 2nd week of decluttering, barely. I forgot 2 of the pictures (Top of fridge/Laundry Closet). I took 8 bags to donation and threw away 3 bags of trash. Oh and my desk was on the list as well, but it holds my copier and that’s it, so I will revisit it later.

Starting Monday I am working on Homeschool shelves and Chloe’s room. It will be tough because Chloe will make it tough. I will hopefully get back on track this week with daily blogs.

Thank you to all of my followers and I welcome new ones to join us. Click the blue followers icon in the sidebar. I also have a YouTube channel called Autism With Grace. Come follow us there as well.

Let me know how your decluttering process is going. Have a blessed day.

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