Results of Days 1 to 7/ 30 Day Declutter

Good morning everyone.

I have completed days 1 to 7 of my 30 Day Declutter Challenge. Above are after pictures. I apologize for not getting before pics. My life has been filled with sleep deprivation and thinking a lot about my brother. (Was in a motorcycle accident on Sept. 15th.) I was able to take out 3 bags of trash and filled the trunk of my car with donations. I may part with more later, but for now I feel good with the results.

How did your week go if you decided to join me?

Next week’s areas are:

Day 1: Under the Kitchen Sink

Day 2: Clean out junk drawers and Ill probably do all drawers

Day 3: Food Cabinet and Food Pantry

Day 4: Spice Cabinet

Day 5: Clean off Kitchen Counters and on top of Fridge

Day 6: Laundry Closet and Cleaning Supplies

Day 7: My Desk


I like that all of these areas are in one location. It’s not to late to join me.

Update on my brother: Still in Trauma ICU. Hoping to move him to a rehab facility next week. Still not sure what brain damage he has sustained, but has tried to communicate with his wife. Continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Have a wonderful and Blessed Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Results of Days 1 to 7/ 30 Day Declutter”

  1. Great job! When the kids all started back to school – this was the first year Declan went for a full day – I did the same thing. Felt so good to get rid of stuff that has just been cluttering everything up! But you are inspiring me – I may take part of items on your list (like under the kitchen sink) that I didn’t do yet. Great job!


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