No Sleep and a Meltdown

I usually don’t post on Saturdays, but I need to vent a little and this is where I do it. Chloe has been making a habit of waking up at night and yelling for me to lay down on the beanbag in her room. I know it is not a good idea, but I do it in the hopes my husband can sleep and Chloe will fall back to sleep. It rarely happens and I end up being sore in the morning.

Last night was terrible. Chloe woke up about 1 am and yes I went into her room. She usually lays there and talks quietly, but last night she yelled and yelled and yelled!!!! My husband finally came in the room and had me come to bed. She continued for what seemed like HOURS! She finally went to sleep for a bit and so did we. It was not enough sleep, but thankful for what we got. Our baby grandson is coming today and I pray Chloe is good.

I’m hoping her meds for sleep don’t need to be raised. That always makes me nervous. Hopefully she will sleep tonight. I am looking at all of the bad habits she has developed lately. I am attacking one at a time. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers please.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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