Play Dough and Slime Recipes

slime recipe 2playdough-recipe-copy

I thought today I would share 2 recipes we love for Play Dough and Slime. The slime has the website at the bottom of the recipe, but I’m not certain where I found the play dough recipe. Chloe prefers the homemade version of play dough over store bought because its way softer. I like to add scents to it like Lavender essential oil, pumpkin spice or cinnamon. Lavender is very calming, so it is a great scent to use.

The holidays is a great time to make scented play doughs. Chloe loves to help me make it so it’s good mommy/daughter time together. I’m hoping we can make some very soon. That’s all that I have for today. It has been a rough week. Today she was finally happy and playing well, so I didn’t push her to do a lot. Some days she just needs time to herself.

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