More Pumpkin Patch Pics/ Declutter Challenge Week 1


Happy Tuesday everyone! I am hoping we have a Happy Tuesday. The past 2 days have been super tough!! Chloe has been very moody and pushing her limits behavior wise. Hoping I can get a handle on it soon.

Above are a few more pictures from our Pumpkin Patch trip Saturday. Chloe really had a wonderful time. I love that her sister Mattie went along with us. She is always fun to hang with and a huge help with her little sister. Like I said yesterday she loves the slides, swings and the farm animals. I can’t wait to take her back to this or another pumpkin patch soon.

I have been forgetting to post about October’s 30 Day Declutter Challenge. This is week 1. Here are my first weeks areas I am decluttering

  1. My Nightstand
  2. My dresser
  3. Closet in bedroom
  4. Under my bed
  5. Bathroom Hall Pantry
  6. Under Bathroom Sink
  7. Fridge and Freezer

On my YouTube channel (Autism With Grace) I posted a video on Sunday showing the areas I am decluttering during week 1. This upcoming weekend I will post a video of the results. I will also post here pictures of the after. I apologize I didn’t get before pictures, but it has been a crazy time in this house lately and I just plain forgot. I hope to unload as much as possible from my home. I know it will make life a lot easier for all of us. I hope some of you will join me.

Have a wonderful blessed day.

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