Sensory Plus Spelling

It’s Friday!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful morning. Friday is our Unschool Fun Day. Chloe gets to pick the activities of the day. I throw in some learning games and that is our homeschool for the day.

I wanted to post a few more activities that Chloe enjoyed this week. I hid magnet letters in a bin of Fall colored rice and made her some card with her sight words on them. She dug through the rice to find the letters of her word and placed the right letters on the card. Next she practiced writing her sight words on her salt tray. I get the bags of sand from the Dollar Tree. It can get messy, but it all sweeps right up. Chloe loves to write this way.

This weekend we are going to our hometown to visit Chloe’s favorite Pumpkin Patch. We are picking up my oldest daughter Mattie to tag along. Chloe loves going there with her sister. They have lots of fun. Chloe’s favorite thing to do is watch the animals, especially the ducks.

It has been raining here and there today. Really hoping it dries up a bit before Saturday. There is no changing plans on her now. LOL I will post pics of her at the Pumpkin Patch next week.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend everyone.

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