No Sleep!


Oh the night’s with little to no sleep. We parents of children with Autism know these night’s very well. We are blessed that they don’t happen every night, but they are becoming a once a week deal most weeks.

Chloe just starts talking and talking and talking and talking. I sometimes go in there to hopefully get her back to sleep, but I just end up laying on her uncomfortable beanbag and listen to her talk. Oh plus she grabs my face a zillion times. LOL. My husband doesn’t like me going in there, but I try to keep her quiet so he can sleep.

It is funny how her medication works one night and not the next. We have learned not to tell her before bed about any outing the next day because that excites her and keeps her up. I know there are parents that deal with this on a way more consistent basis. I don’t think I could handle that. I pray for you everyday.

I think the thing I hate the most about her “NOT SLEEPING” is she goes like the energizer bunny the whole next day. You would think she might lay down a bit or take a nap. NOPE!! She goes full speed until bedtime and is a very moody girl. So fun. The one thing we can pretty much rely on is that she sleeps like a rock the next night, hopefully.

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