Breaking Head Off Her Toys

Good morning. I hope everyone is having a good morning so far.

So the newest fascination with Miss Chloe is breaking the heads off of her character toys. This is so unimaginable to us because they are her favorite toys! We had just replaced a set she broke last week, but then she broke those and a lot more. This and the trying to make herself throw up has us very worried about her.

I have been spending extra time just laying in bed with her and laughing. Extra tickles are happening as well. I have messaged with a therapist she use to see and she says she hasn’t had a child do this (throwing up). So I just keep talking to her and letting her know it is not ok. This is that part of Autism I hate most. She can’t tell us what is bothering her, so it comes out in other stress filled ways.

We told her we are not replacing the toys she is breaking and she keeps doing it. I have been trying to reduce her toys, but not this way! LOL. Praying these are both phases that will end soon. If any of you have any advice please share.

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2 thoughts on “Breaking Head Off Her Toys”

  1. I can empathize with your grief with this situation. We have had situations with my son where he was abusing his tablet (which he no longer has) and we tried to help him understand the consequences of that action. Sure enough, it stopped working. At that point we had been through 6 of them! I decided through prayer and consideration (and the fact that I told him he would not receive another one if he broke the last one) that we would not buy him another one. He is an extreme sensory seeker so he loves hearing things crash. It’s all sensory and autism. I’m not sure he even understood the consequences. It’s still trial and error with so many things. Please don’t be discouraged! They have the obsessive phases that don’t made sense. I have learned to ride the wave and be patient. Tickles are a wonderful distraction! Keep up the great work!

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