What Is Going On!!!!

Good morning everyone. I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

So much going on here it is beyond stressful. My baby brother was in a motorcycle accident and is in critical condition. It has been 8 days and he has not regained consciousness. I went to visit him this past Saturday and I was so heartbroken for him, his wife, daughter and my Mom. Please say a prayer for him.

Chloe is another issue. We don’t know why, but she started making herself throw up last week. I have never heard of a child with autism doing this. She threw up in her bed Thursday night and Friday night. The bad part was I wasn’t here Friday because I was staying the night at my parents to ride up to the hospital with them the next day. We live 2 hours from where my brother is. She did ok Sunday, but was a handful behavior wise. She is getting very demanding, especially if she has treats around  (candy corn). So we decided not to buy any more candy because it makes her fussy and downright mean.

It has been raining the past few days which means no outside time. That makes things tougher. Hoping it clears up soon.  We are praying the throwing up is over, but if not Ill be calling the pediatrician. New things all the time in our autism world.



4 thoughts on “What Is Going On!!!!”

  1. How is your brother doing today? Have you seen Fathering Autism on Youtube? Their daughter makes herself throw up sometimes too. Maybe they have some words of wisdom for you.

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    1. My brother still hasn’t woken up. He is off all sedation and still has pneumonia. They are doing another chest scan today. Yes I watch Fathering Autism. I have posted the question, but no answer. I think she is coming out of it. She threatens it, but hasn’t followed through in the past day or so.


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