We Are Doing Unschooling


Good morning wonderful people!

As you can see from my title we have decided to unschool our daughter Chloe. She has been crying, hiding supplies and shutting down in every way. So we are going to move on to something we pray will work for her.

I have been researching unschooling for a long time. I still want Chloe to learn, but know she may not seek out a lot of things, because of her level of autism. I will still provide activities for her and a flip card schedule, but it will not look like “SCHOOL” to her. This morning I made a reward card to earn 5 star stickers in order for her to listen to songs on my phone. I will post those pictures and the rest of our unschool day tomorrow.

I started this on Wednesday and she responded so well. I am geared to teach more like “school” so this will be a learning experience for me as well. I remember how much stress I had in school and really how little of the extra stuff I use today. I am going to work on functional learning with her. I am also planning more field trips this Fall. She is very excited about the Pumpkin Patch trip coming up. I will be keeping a journal, plus taking pictures for my portfolio.

I am so praying this is what helps her. Learning should not be stressful.

Thank you for checking out our blog today. Thank you so much to those of you who have subscribed and I invite more of you to do so. Check out our YouTube channel Autism With Grace. I post Monday through Friday and some Saturdays.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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