It’s Just Time!

DeClutterChallengeCalendar-1024x791Good Morning Lovely People

Chloe and I decided to take a break  from homeschool yesterday. She has been crying a lot and sometimes that is her way of saying “Mom I need a play day”. That is the wonderful thing about homeschooling. If she needs it she gets  it and we make it up later.

I used the day to begin my new Bible study, review the study my husband and I are doing each Sunday (Heaven), as well as catching up on housework. I organized and tossed many items into the donation basket all afternoon. I am going to start a 30 Day Declutter Challenge October 1st if anyone wants to join me. Above you will find a Declutter Calendar I found online. I may add a few items that are not on there. By the end of October I want to be done with excess clutter in my home. I’m just tired of it! I know God did not intend for us to live with so much stuff we don’t need.

If you would like to join me I will post every week what I am working on decluttering and at hopefully share pictures of before and after.

I realized I forgot to share the Recipe of the Week on Monday. It’s been a week of forgetfulness. I will add a bonus post after this one to share our new recipe of the week. Thank you for reading our blog today. Thank you to my followers for hanging in there. If you are not a follower please click the blue follower icon in the sidebar.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.



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