She Does Not Like School


Good morning everyone!

Look at my girl’s face. She is so sad. Why? Because she doesn’t like anything to do with homeschool or school in general. Yes some days she works hard, but never enjoys it. Each time she has an episode like this it gets worse. Today she hid her pencil box and my scissors so we couldn’t continue after lunch. It breaks my heart.

I don’t overload her or make her do work that is above her developmental level. I give her all of the breaks she needs, but she is just sad about it. This has been from the very beginning. Sure she has days where I think “Hmm she is doing so well, maybe she likes this lesson or activity”. Then the next day she is rolled up in a ball crying because it’s time to go to the table.

The past 3 years Chloe has learned to read very well, can add and subtract single digits up to 10 (some in her head), and can spell 3 to 4 letter words. Her writing has improved a lot as well. I believe this is due to her drawing so much and strengthening those muscles. Her imaginative play has really improved. She still doesn’t let me play with her, but she plays well on her own.

I just keep trying each day with her. I have tried to include more tray and basket activities. She usually loves them, but is getting antsy about those as well. UGH!! Every school yr gets tougher. All I know is to keep trying and hope someday she will enjoy learning time (she calls it that and mommy school).

Thank you so much for reading our blog today. Everyone have a wonderful and blessed day.

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