Friday Homeschool and a Travel Day


Good morning everyone! I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend.

I was super proud of Chloe on Friday. She worked very hard and completed school by lunch. I found a site called Make Learning Fun that had so many cut and paste activities. I picked out a sunflower for both of us to do. She was in a hurry on the petals and cut out the whole circle instead of going around the petals. I found so many great things for fall. Check out their site when you have a chance.

Saturday was pretty calm. I had a lot of running to do, so Chloe stayed home and played with Daddy. I had to go to the grocery and stopped at Goodwill. I found enough leggings to complete her minimalist fall/winter wardrobe and some tops to add to mine. I also hit the jackpot on books. They always have a great selection here. Chloe only picked 4 at first, so I put the rest on the living room bookshelf to use for homeschool reading time.

Sunday we traveled to see Brett’s oldest daughter and our grandson. He is almost 11 months old! He is so fun, but Chloe is so anxious around him. She took her Leapfrog computer to “give” him, but when he was able to turn it on she put it quickly back in her backpack. All the way home she kept saying “Blue Green computer give to Braum”? Like it was not in her backpack. I just said “OK”. I didn’t know what to do. I guess I will hide it somewhere. We had a quiet evening and she went right to sleep.

Not super exciting, but that’s ok with us. We like the calmer weekends. Soon we will be heading to the pumpkin patches and going to the Zoo. Then we will be busy.

Thank you so much for reading our blog today. Thanks to all of our followers and we invite you to follow us if your not one yet. Have a very blessed day.

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