She swung all by herself!!


I was so proud of Chloe!! I have been trying to teach her how to swing by herself for years. On Wednesday she ran to the swing and said “Swing High”! I got her going and all of a sudden she started swinging her legs back and forth. I said “Go Chloe”! She realized she was going higher all by herself. She smiled the biggest smile and said “I swinging”.

Her legs don’t last long and soon I had to push her again. It was so great to see her accomplish something she enjoys. Chloe loves to swing more than anything. She also loves the merry go round and the zip line. She is a sensory seeker and this park has it all.  We someday hope to have more play equipment in our backyard for her.

I am so thankful Fall is coming and that school is in session. That means we can go to the park more often without added stress of to many kids and high heat. She already asked me this morning to go again. I love days like this.

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