Fun Library Day

Happy Thursday!!

Oh my yesterday we had such a great day out. We went to the library and we were so shocked at all the changes they had made to the children’s floor. Chloe always paces around like a nervous Nelly in there, but yesterday she had so much to do!

They had added a light up wall with circle knobs you turn to change the color. She made sure she turned them all. She was so excited! Then on the other wall they added a wall of tubes for balls to go through. That was her favorite activity. She spent 15 minutes there, which is a lot of time for her. She ran back and forth to each one.

They also had a huge Lego table, but she wasn’t interested in that. The room she always paces in, which is a corner sitting area, is now still a sitting area, but with book shelves and different shaped chairs with mushroom foot stools. She didn’t know where to sit first. I loved it because I could actually sit and watch her enjoy the library for a change.

We got there right at opening time so we were the only ones in there. I was glad about that so she could test everything out without anxiety. She played until she was  worn out and ready to go. I loved seeing her leave with a smile, instead of full of anxiety.

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Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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