Cooler Day Time To Play

Happy Wednesday!! Oh I am loving this cooler weather. Chloe loves spending more time outside. I think it is suppose to warm up by the end of the week, but for now our windows are open and we are outside a lot!

We went out after breakfast, so it was still quite dewy out. I took blankets out to cover the swing and chair so we had somewhere to sit. Chloe was very quiet for awhile. This happens after she has a couple of rough “behavior” days.  She perked up after about 30 minutes and started playing with her bubble wands.

After we came in and had a snack Chloe started on her school work. She has done very well the past 2 days. I never know why she does so well one day and so terrible the next. Oh well I cherish the good ones. We are continuing to learn how apples grow. She is catching on fast!! She did a cut and paste activity about the lifecycle of the apple and only needed my help with one. Awesome! We worked on writing by writing this weeks Bible verse and a few more sentences. She prefers to write using all uppercase letters and doesn’t like when I make her write lowercase. She yells “UPPERCASE”!! I just say write it the right way or you won’t earn your computer time. She eagerly corrects it. LOL

I am working with Chloe this week on how to handle her frustration and other emotions. She has been having a lot of tantrums and a few bad meltdowns on the weekends. I am trying hard to figure out what is setting her off. So I printed off an emotions book and a calming strategies book to read with her. I am planning a few activities to go with them. Hopefully I can figure out what is bugging her and fix it.

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Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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