Our Roller Coaster Weekend

roller-coaster-clipart-upsanddownsOh my we had a roller coaster of a weekend with Miss Chloe!! Saturday she was pretty good. We got out in the rain and did our once a month household goods shopping. She was just happy to be in the truck going for a ride. She got her kids meal and she was a happy girl. She and I played board games before bedtime and had fun.

I am not sure what time she woke up during the night, but I ended up laying on the beanbag next to her bed so she could go back to sleep. A few hours later I crept back to my bed exhausted. She slept the rest of the night. I had told my husband Sunday was going to be a very relaxing day. Boy was I wrong!

Sunday morning I wake up and make a family breakfast. Chloe seemed ok at first, but soon we knew this day was going to be rough. She was in her room screaming at her toys because they wouldn’t  stand up right. I tried to get her to read book with me, but all she did was yell “Tickle”!! That is her thing right now. She wants tickles  ALL DAY LONG!! I tickled her for a bit and say one more tickle and then that’s it. Nope she starts hitting herself and screaming. Very long story short, this went on all day. At 6:00 pm I gave her a bath and turned on her music (Christmas music) to  keep her calm until bed. I put her to bed a 1/2 hour early because we were so worn out.

I hope all of you had a much better weekend. I know these days will happen. It could be the seasons changing or just her restless night. Who Knows? We just get through it the best we can and move on.

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3 thoughts on “Our Roller Coaster Weekend”

  1. Sorry you had such a bad weekend. It drives me insane when Bethany won’t sleep at night. Then she sleeps all day, but I can’t!


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